Our Equipment

Our Equipment

Genie® Aerial Work Platforms

(45'ft- 125'ft)


Skidded Recycle Bins 

with or without Oil and Filter Containment


25 kw Generator Dual Mast Combo Unit

8 Halogen Lights, 25 kW Generator, 1250 Litre Fuel Tank

John Deere 624k Wheel Loaders

Various Attachments include: Bucket, Pipe Grapple, Forks, And Lifting Jib


Stadium Lighting 

with 16 LED Lights, 25 kW Generator, 1200 litre fuel tank


45 kW Generator Combo Units

4 Halogen Lights, 45kW Generator, and 1700 Litre Fuel Tank 

Skid Steers

(John Deere 331G Skid Steers with various attachments Grapples, Buckets, Pallet Forks, Ball Hitch Attachments)



25 kW LED Generator Combo Units 

6 LED Lights with 1500 Litre Fuel Tank

75kW-150 kW Generators

Trailered or Skidded available Units


Multi Combos

with 6 LED Lights, 45 kW Generator, 2 Washrooms, 2200 Litre Fuel Station and Garbage Bin

Goose Neck Trailer 


5000 Litre - 10000 Litre Diesel Fuel and Methanol Skids

20 kW Light Towers

Mobile Office Trailers

with Satellite TV and Cell Phone Boosters

Multi Combos 

with 6 LED Lights, 25 kW Generator, 2 Washrooms, 2200 Litre Fuel Station, and Garbage Bin

Pull Behind Trailer

Well Head and 8x20 Matting

Bed truck with Bin.jpg

Metal Bins 


Enclosed Recycle Bin Trailers 

with Used Oil Storage, Garbage Bags, and Rags

Enviro Combos

Trailers with 2 Washrooms and Garbage Bin 

Grated Safety Mats 

Electric Scissor Lift

Skidded 60 kW Generator Fuel Combo Units

with 6 LED Lights, 1500 litre Fuel Tank

Tri Drive Bed Truck 

Tandem Tractors 

With Sliding Axle Tilt Trailer or Scissor Neck 

Tri Drive Tilt Deck 7 Ton Picker

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Equipment Rentals Available at Brayco Services Ltd.


    A One-Stop Shop for all Your Equipment Rental Needs

Brayco Services Ltd. is pleased to offer our customers a wide selection of oilfield rental equipment when they need it and at prices they can afford. Whether you need a light tower, generator, enviro trailer or skid steer, rely upon us to provide it and haul it away when you’re done with it. Because safety is important to us, you can also rest assured we’ll take the time necessary to ensure you know how to properly set it up and/or use it before we leave.